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VerAI is an AI-based mineral asset generator. We are disrupting mineral exploration by dramatically improving the probability of discovering mineral deposits.
Enormous quantities of metals are essential as the foundation of the green-energy transition, which involves decarbonization and electrification of the global economy.

EVs, renewable energy and electricity storage technologies rely heavily on critical minerals that are without substitute, like Copper, Cobalt, Nickel and Lithium.

Current metal production is declining significantly, and is not being replenished with new discoveries. This supply gap, worth trillions of dollars, will dramatically expand over the next decades.

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There are no more easy discoveries. The remaining ore deposits are concealed under covered terrain making them challenging to discover.

Most of the underexplored parts of known mining jurisdictions are covered and current exploration methods will no longer be fit for purpose.

Only 1 in 1,000 exploration projects become a mine.
VerAI is unlocking a $100B opportunity by changing the way the world discovers concealed mineral deposits.

VerAI’s systematic methodology increases the probability of success in discovering economic deposits by two orders of magnitude, shortening the targeting time from years to months and reducing the targeting costs by over 90%.

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Making new discoveries of concealed deposits in the data space

VerAI deploys a novel proprietary AI/ML Discovery Platform that detects concealed mineral deposits in underexplored covered terrains. Our platform utilizes tailor-made datasets relevant for the challenge of exploring undercover, to directly identify with high probability the location of economic mineral deposits. Our Platform works with different commodity styles and in different geological jurisdictions.

Scalable Asset Portfolio Generator

VerAI is generating AI-based, high-probability target portfolios that are at drill ready stage. We then partner with Explorers to develop our fully owned asset portfolios and generate value by monetizing equity and royalty from these successful assets.

Come partner with VerAI and be part of a new wave of mineral exploration success
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Investors in VerAI include funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Orion Resource Partners, Chrysalix Venture Capital, and Blumberg Capital. Together with our strong financial and strategic investors, we’re committed to our mission of discovering the critical minerals essential to the energy transition and our sustainable future.
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