Exceptional Discovery Team

VerAI Management, Board of Directors, Advisors, and Technical Groups fuse unique practices and experiences into an outstanding Discovery Team. Our team combines sophisticated Defense Intelligence methodologies with the best practices of Mineral Exploration and novel cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Yair Frastai
Yair Frastai
CEO & Co-Founder, Board Director
Amitai Axelrod, MBA
COO & Co-Founder, Board Director
Uri Merhav
Uri Merhav, M.Sc.
Data Scientist
Mike Hendrickson
Mike Hendrickson, M.Sc.
Director of Generative
Yoav Naveh
Yoav Naveh
Director of Product
Michael Ray
Michael Ray
Director of Finance
Advisory Team
Cynthia Rudin
Cynthia Rudin, Ph.D.
Data Science Advisor
Gordon Bogden
Gordon Bogden, B.Sc.
Commercial & Financing Advisor
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson, Ph.D.
Commercial & Technical Advisor
Jamie Wilkinson
Jamie Wilkinson, Ph.D.
Geoscience Advisor
Mark Barton
Mark Barton, Ph.D.
Geoscience Advisor
Juan Carlos Castelli
Juan Carlos Castelli, M.Sc.
Geoscience Advisor
Board Directors
Tim Warman
Tim Warman
Independent Board Director
Stanton Green
Stanton Green
Senior Director at Blumberg Capital
Dr. Charles Haythornthwaite
Dr. Charles Haythornthwaite
Senior Partner at Chrysalix Capital